I Want a Girlfriend

I’ve always debated with myself whether I’ve wanted a significant other or not. I think that there are many experiences that can be shared with platonic relationships, that are not exclusive to just romantic partners. I stand by that statement. That being said, I never found having a girlfriend to be something I needed. No one should ever need, especially on an emotional level where they are dependent. I would say that needing a relationship is what makes a bad relationship from the beginning. However, recently I’ve been feeling like my life is not too bad. To be honest – economically speaking, I could be doing better, knowing more about what my future holds would be nice, and if I could just stay in shape, that would be fantastic. Nevertheless, I am at a point in my life where I actually love a lot of aspects of my life, and recently I’ve been feeling a type of way . . . I want a girlfriend.

For a really long time I would say that a relationship is just something that should come naturally to one’s self. Forcing it won’t work, trying to make it happen on your own will only make it unnatural, and could result in a forced relationship, one that isn’t going to last. But I’ve been thinking about that recently. I think the relationship between two lovers is unbelievable. Honestly speaking, when two people are in love – the things that those two people would do for each other are amazing. To build a sense of trust, respect, and passion everyday is no easy feat and can only be done by using effort. The vibe of a romantic pair, are so much different than the vibe of two really good friends. I think that it’s very easy to hit it off with someone, but it’s extremely difficult to maintain a relationship, platonic or romantic. That being said, I think that if I want a relationship, it’s going to have to be something that I work for, that I am proactive in. Not to say that I’m going to go out every night and talk up every girl but it’s something that I have to pursue. If I meet a girl that I jive with, it’s up to me to follow up. I shouldn’t waste my time. That girl could be the one for me and am I going to live and regret every moment that I didn’t meet her and get to know her better.

But the reason why I want a girlfriend at this point in my life is because, I am kind of happy. I have my hobbies, I have my passions, and I want to share those things with someone special in my life. In my opinion, the greatest thing in life is to share an experience in which you enjoy with someone else that you enjoy. That’s what makes getting dinner with your entire family so special, or what makes going on vacation with friends so much fun. I love anime and whenever I can share that passion with a friend who does not care as much about anime and they enjoy it, that makes me so happy. I can share something I love, with someone I love – and there is no greater experience than that in my life.

So I want a girlfriend to meet my parents, I want a girlfriend to meet my crazy family, to meet my friends, to try foods that I love, to watch the anime, television series, films, that helped shaped me as a person. My life is very rich right now with opportunity and passion and I would really like to share these feelings with someone else. Life is pretty fantastic right now and it would be an utter shame to not be able to share it with someone special.

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