I participated in my first race

A few weeks a go, a bunch of us from work entered a 10km running race (shout out Jane for almost cornering me into saying yes). I’m a casual running and I’ve never run in a race before so this was something that was new for me. I wouldn’t say that I love running. Whenever I do it, I usually only run about 5-10km, just so that I can stay in decent shape. The heart is the most important muscle after all. I also do get bored if I run more than an hour. I start thinking about dinner, my plans at work, etc. I won’t lie though, to an extent I do enjoy running. It’s therapeutic, it’s free, and it’s an accessible exercise, in that sense – it’s quite a wonderful activity. Running a race though, oh boy, I really liked that.

Just the idea of running among a bunch of strangers, the streets are closed down for you, and it’s you against the world – that is so enticing. Sure you’re surrounded by others but at the same time, you’re so focused in your head about doing your best, you block out everything else. Most folks at races are not thinking about coming first, so for most, it’s just a competition against one’s self. My focus was sharp on this run. My favourite thing about running this race was that at first I was one among many, but as I got later into the race, you start to pull away from the pack. At that point, you get more room to run, whereas at the beginning of the run, you are looking for space to find some air. It’s kind of like rugby in a way. You’re consistently looking for the next play, you’re looking for space, you’re taking account of your energy level throughout the competition.

I think one thing in my life that I am sorely missing is competition. Not just casual competition like on a video game but like real life competition done at a high level. Something that gets your adrenaline going, something with stakes. I got that regularly in my life when I played rugby but I’m still timid to play due to the state of my knees. I find that running gives me some of that thrill. I listen to hype music and I run by people. I feel like I’m in an anime opening. It’s quite fun to be honest. I really didn’t think that I would enjoy registering in a race as much as I did. It’s a bit sad innit? I feel like I often don’t feel alive unless I’m in those kind of situations. Competition can be quite the drug I suppose. By the way, I’ve already signed up for another 10k race on June 15 with my friend Kevin. This will be his first race, I am looking forward to seeing what this next experience holds.

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