I only cheer for bad sports teams

What if you loved something for nearly all your life and that something just disappointed you over and over again? And that something never or rarely seems to ever get better. But still you can justify the disappointment, even though deep down inside you know that things probably won’t get better. Well that’s sports for me. I love sports and I love my teams. As a Toronto sports fan, as well as a fan of the Minnesota Viking and Daniel Ricciardo – I am a perennial loser. Even the one bandwagon team that I thoroughly enjoy Chelsea Football Club – have been the most mid and disappointing team in professional football. I am getting bullied at work for supporting Chelsea. In my near 3 decades on this Earth, I have witnessed one championship between all the major Toronto sports teams. Even the Toronto Arrows a smaller pro sports team that I cheered for, folded this past year. The Vikings are the most winngingest, most playoff played team ever in the NFL – without ever winning a Superbowl.

When the Raptors won in 2019 – I was in Hong Kong and cried in my grandmother’s condo due to the amount of happiness that I experienced. For the first time in my life, a team that I loved (that wasn’t Chelsea) had won the championship and was the best team on the planet. It is upsetting that in sports fandom, you can pour all your hopes and expectations on something, spend the money on merchandise, and still lose out because none of that matters. Your hopes and dreams ride on a bunch of young men and their suited overlords. I have never ridden a bunch of dudes harder than I have ridden for the Minnesota Vikings. Every year I ride these dudes and they leave me disappointed and unsatisfied. And I go back, every year with the same hope while inside knowing that we are a snake bitten franchise and I am a boy who has been scorned repeatedly.

I – my friends, am a loser. You should not associate yourselves with me if you enjoy winning. I wake up every morning putting on my fake smile and my throwback sports gear to represent just how much pride I have in my losing capabilities. Maybe if I were born in southern California, Boston, or Florida – I could celebrate the victories of a successful campaign, but instead I have been relegated to watching defeat after defeat. I would like to believe that I have developed a callus but that just is not true. Every year I am just as disappointed as the year before. The only thing commendable would be my loyalty. However it’s loyalty – that was not won over from repaid faith or even a monetary value – rather it is the illusion of faith anchored by insecurity, wrapped by the false narrative that things will get better – but they never do.

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