I Made the Decision to Stop Dating (For Now)

Whenever I see an old friend, they’ll ask me “So Baron, how’s your love life,” in return I say “I’m not talking to anyone until I get a job”. Yes, I do not planning on seeing anybody in an intimate manner until I get a job. That is because, I find myself to be someone who gets distracted quite easily (as evident by the diversity of this blog) and I need to just focus. Right now I’m in a graduate certificate program and am on internship, so for me I have my sights on the start of my career. Nothing will deter me from my path.

For some, this no dating thing would suck. However, through the power of self-love and a lifetime of being independent, I have realized that I am too much of a maverick to be tamed by anyone at this point of time. It helps that I have enough self-love to fill an Olympic sized pool – and I would need someone on my level, which I find nearly impossible – so I will give the general population some time to catch up to me. Also, it’s not like I get approached by potential suitors. I can probably count on one hand how many times someone has approached me to flirt. I mean, if someone did and I fancied them then mayb – NO BARON, restrain yourself. You are a career man now, you are a strong independent man now – and you don’t need the validation of another to get you through the cold Canadian mornings.

No more matches on Tinder, I’m about connections on LinkedIn now. Going on dates? Nah, I’m going on informational interviews. That’s the new and improved Baron (for now).

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