I Hate Running

A huge reason why I was able to lose so much weight in the past was because I was running. I wouldn’t call myself a runner but when I was grinding out this weight loss thing I was running nearly 5km a day for about the entire summer. When I reached my goal weight I decided to stop running nearly as much. However to stay in good cardio shape, you must keep running (or do some other cardio). You can’t just stop otherwise your cardio will get worse or you could get more fat and that’s just not what I am looking for. Yet I keep pushing myself to do it. Even this past summer, as I have been successfully keeping my weight off, I just kept running. Shit, I even got better at running. In the months of June and July, I was crushing my personal bests on a weekly basis. And every single time I’m in the middle of a 10km run and I’m just absolutely suffering I think “damn, this shit is whack – WHY AM I DOING THIS?” but I know why, it comes down to two things: fitness paying dividends and discipline.

I heard once that high level athletes with great endurance typically have incredibly healthy minds when they’re older (you’re going to have to fact check me on this one). This is due to their past as athlete’s having been able to push through their physical limits, leading their consciousness to being stronger than the average person’s (again, don’t quote me). I also know that having a strong heart/good cardio will literally add years to your life. And as much as I hate to say it, biceps are not the most important muscle, the heart is, and you want your heart to be as healthy as possible so that you can live as long of a life as you can. All that and also understanding that being obese can lead to increased chances of heart problems, cancer, and mental health strain – it all equates to me doing cardio by running like my life is on the line, because it fucking is.

The other reason to run as I mentioned is discipline. I get off work at about 5:30pm, work is stressful, it’s fulfilling and I learn a lot but there’s a lot at stake. When I get off work, I lie in bed for about 30 minutes because in that time I will be procrastinating my run. I’ll make excuses in my head like it’s too cold or that it looks like it might rain. I run the gambit of excuses but in the end I run. Sometimes I need a little motivation to push me over the hump and get to it. I shit you not, the other day I just looked at pictures of Jennie from BlackPink and her hotness, made me want to get more hot, so that I can date girls that look hot like her. Whatever floats your boat, you do that. Discipline or forcing yourself to do things that you’re not in the mood for is the underlying foundation of success in my opinion. If you can master discipline as a foundation I think that you’ll find that their isn’t much out there in the world that can stop you from achieving your goals.

If I’m being honest, I don’t know if a runner’s high is a thing. When I run I just feel tired more than anything. However I understand that for myself, running is an ends to a means. Running at first was a great way for me to become a sexy motherfucker. But in the long run beauty fades and I’ll end up looking like the rest of you. But if my heart is good because of the conditioning that I’m doing, then I’ll probably outlive the most of you. And if I can maintain a schedule of running, then I can maintain a schedule of doing anything in the world. I mean, just imagine how strong someone’s will power must be if they can do something they hate as often as they can in a week. I will say this though, as tired as running makes me, as much as it sucks – I have never regretted going for a run. Never.

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