Famous Chinese People Suck

I’m a homer. I will and always root for Hong Kong, the city that made me. I’m loyal to the soil and that’s how I will always be. Slowly over the past decade, the city has been losing its identity. It’s no longer the international cultural hub that it once was. A lot of this has been done through the influence of the CCP and mainlanders moving to Hong Kong. Don’t get me wrong, I still love Chinese culture and history. I am Chinese and I will gladly say that Hong Kong is a part of China, but that’s about it. Hong Kong is a city now known for its turmoil more than anything else. Anytime I meet a new person who knows nothing about Hong Kong, they’ll ask me about the government and the protests. This is evident anytime I get into an Uber and the Uber driver asks me where I was born. I hope you know that the violent protests happened because the peaceful protests didn’t work. And if they don’t listen when you’re peaceful, you’re going to have to make some noise. Ultimately it backfired as the government set its police off on Hong Kong citizens and it was rumored that the government hired triads to attack citizens as well.

So when I see famous western Chinese people – influencers, actors, etc . . . show their support for BLM, Anti-Asian Hate and LGBTQ+ causes, I call cap. I don’t think they fucking care. Just like how staying quiet about CCP human rights violations and police brutality in Hong Kong is a business move, the same is being woke about the west. For the past three years, I have watched famous Chinese YouTubers like The Fung Bros, Wong Fu Productions, Uncle Roger call out racism and bigotry for everyone but their own. Why can’t we say that Chinese people can be racist too. Why can’t we call out the CCP for human rights violations regarding Uyghur Muslims, LGBTQ+ communities, and Hong Kong citizens in 2019. They won’t because even if it’s true, it’ll hurt their careers. These people are only Chinese when it’s convenient to them.

But it’s beyond influencers. We’re talking about famous Chinese celebs like Jackson Wang, Jackie Chan, and Donnie Yen who are all from Hong Kong by the way, who speak so positively with their pro-Beijing stance, who have also turned their back on home for a cushy seat in the mainland. Fuck these people, they are scum – those willing to lie and turn their back on their people for a cheque. I can’t stand it. I think a big reason to why I can’t stand it is because I myself can’t do anything about it. I wish I had some power but I don’t and it frustrates me knowing that I will never have the platform to put the visibility on how China is colonizing Africa. Even writing this, I’m getting frazzled and I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH MY HANDS. It shouldn’t bother me so much but it does and sometimes I can’t sleep because I get angry thinking about it. Yet these celebrities can bank on their Chinese identities to make more money. It’s disgusting that these fakers can appropriate their culture and their struggle whenever they want to for a profit.

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