“I don’t know much but I at least know that”

Today I started the first day at my new job. Woooooo! I have been looking forward to this new opportunity for a long time and I am glad that it’s finally come. However in meeting the team, all the new hires, and my seniors – I realize that eventually the gleam of me being a new unknowing hire is eventually going to lose its zeal. Eventually I’ll have to put in the work to prove that I deserve to stick around. I realized this as I met all my supervisors and they started saying things to me in which I won’t lie, I was a little confused about. And when asked about my thoughts I said what I said in the title of this article, followed by “I’m going to get in, where I fit in”.

Realistically I’m not worried at all. I know that I’m going to be a lot more confident when I’m actually put into action and that as a quick study, I will be able to pick up anything thrown my way. I mean, my grandparents and parents lived through post-WW2 Hong Kong and I remind myself of that whenever I feel a little pressure. It’s quite the exaggerated comparison, I know – but it’s how I keep things in perspective for myself.

I have also stated many times in cover letters, resumes, and interviews that pressure is something that I thrive in. That I’m the type of person to relish in the opportunity when my back is against the wall. In those situations are when you see me truly blossom. I stand by those words because I grew up learning about this something called Mamba Mentality. Any who, in situations like this, it’s always best to open up your brain to soak it in as much as possible, humble yourself, and look towards the horizon!


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