I Am Ted Lasso

Second day of my new job in the books and boy am I low key clueless. Granted, it’s expected that I don’t know very much, considering my level of involvement, my position within the company, and how I am literally new but my head really is just kind of spinning trying to learn everything as quickly as I can. I also keep meeting my different seniors throughout the company and I am trying to make a good first impression. Everyone I’ve been meeting is super nice, great at their job, and are calling in from around the continent, and there’s me – trying to sift through the slick deck with well over 100 slides, trying to commit it to memory to not appear like a fool in the next meeting.

However, if Ted Lasso has taught me anything is that if I am open to learning new things and carry a positive attitude everything will work out. Everyone starts out as the new guy, everyone has a starting point. And if you’re diligent and have a great attitude you can adapt and learn into any new situation. I’ve been saying to everyone recently “I’m the new guy, I don’t know much and right now I’m just along for the ride. That is until I learn enough to drive the car myself”. It’s gotten to the point where watching Ted Lasso has actually affected my speech pattern because I’m speaking in metaphors and I’m storytelling in these meetings.

The intention is to make a good first impression but there’s also another part of me that things “Oh jeez, these people think I’m crazy”. They can probably tell that I’m a little new to all this as I act surprised when they tell me about things like budget and I’m shocked about the size of it because I come from a non-profit background, where budget is no such thing. Regardless of my attitude, I have been this way my entire life and if this mentality has gotten me this far in life – I must be doing the right now. Right now I have to be like a gold fish, have a short memory, and forget how much of a dingus I have been. And in the words of Ted Lasso, I need to believe.

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