I am ready for the summer

Oh the weather is so nice right now. As I’m writing this on May 19, Google says that it’s 28 degrees Celsius. We have reached peak Canadian summer weather and it’s only May. NBA playoffs are in full swing, patios are back open, and I wore shorts and a t-shirt outside. I am so about this right now. When I was overweight, I used to be scared of the summer cuz I would sweat like crazy. Some of yall skinny men will never understand under boob sweat (some of yall skinny women might not either, but I digress. Yes, anyone can get it). But the most exciting thing is that this will be my first full Toronto summer, as last year I got here in July with very few friends.

As I have mentioned many times, life is good. A lot of it has to do with having good friends and getting a better idea of the lay of the land. Obviously with all those things considered, I am fully ready for a tremendous summer. A lot of my girl friends are feeling like this is their hot girl summer, personally for me – I don’t know if that’s something in the cards for me, or even if it’s something I want but I’m ready to have a lot of fun too. For the past few months, I have been careful of my spending in preparation for justifying buying a $10 domestic pint because we’re having it on a patio among friends.

I am running, I am in shape, I look good. I absolutely feel unstoppable. I have the confidence of a 6ft light skin man with green eyes. Am I going to be responsible? Of course, everyone knows that the ol’ BarDawg keeps it clean but who knows what can happen. Anything can happen. I am down for it all. I’m fun, I’m spontaneous. Being able to be in my 20s living in a city that comes alive in the summer is truly a wonderful thing and I plan on capitalizing on it. Beers are going to taste like an angel pissing down my throat. Maybe I’ll got to a baseball game. Maybe I’ll be a basic Toronto bitch and walk around with a tote bag. Maybe I’ll even have a crappy picnic at the park. Maybe, I’ll even talk to a woman (maybe).

Regardless though, I am geeked for my first full summer in the city and maybe even sharing a little more of it on the blog. By the way, if you want to make plans with me, please contact my people as slots are filling up. I’m booked and busy.

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