I am dating again, don’t tell my parents or they will start asking questions

As seen in past weeks’ article, I have moved out of my parent’s place. For the last few years since moving back home, I made the decision to not date or even look at women funny to avoid the whisper of the idea of bringing a woman back to my parent’s place. Although I am close to my parents; dating, women, sex (not that it happens often) – are all subjects that are sensitive to speak about. But since I am now out of the dungeon and living on my own (roommates with Johnny but spiritually, I’m on my own) I want to start dating again. Let’s get back on the horse, or the apps, or whatever – I don’t do well on the apps. Let’s just say that I have a personality built for the real world.

I made the decision ages a go to not date in order to get my schooling finished, which would lead me to getting a job, which would lead me to getting my money up. All while eating and exercising well in order to get sexy. Well all those things happened but then I started living in my parent’s basement. When I talk about living a full life, a life worth living, I think that includes dating and having a significant other. I think something that is difficult about this goal, compared to other goals is that it requires a receptive person who I have no control over. I can get educated, graduate, get a job, and change my lifestyle and habits, but I cannot force someone to like me. And at times, I’m a bit of a jabroni so that doesn’t help.

I think that the great thing about dating at my current state of life is that mentally, I’m great. Although often cynical, I am still quite positive about most aspects of life. I’m no longer thinking things like “woe is me, why doesn’t anyone like me.” It is what it is. And I feel like I have seen many couples get into relationships or date in order to fill a metaphorical hole in their lives. At this stage of my life, I’m looking for an addition. I’m looking to build a new wing, onto my already very stable house – if you catch my drift. I’m a sundae looking for his cherry, a gin looking for their tonic. I’m not looking for a better half, rather I am looking for a whole – 100% meets 100%. If there is anything else, it probably wouldn’t be something that interests me.

Now I know, I’m going to be picky. Looking like me, you can’t really be picky. I’m essentially a human chode (I’m not going to look up how that is spelled). With all that being said, I am still looking forward to the challenge. In my life, there have been very few things that I haven’t been able to accomplish. I figure things out with study and discipline. For some people dating is just something that happens, for me dating is going to be an active experiment. I wish things were easier than they are, LOL.

BTW for those reading this and thinking about hooking me up with a friend, I want you to really think about it. Is Baron really going to like my girl friend? I’ve been introduced to too many girl friends that my friends are looking to dump off on me. I am not an emotional or sexual trash can. Just because you want to treat me dirty like one, doesn’t mean that it should be like this. Anyways – Baron out, no more acting vulnerable. ALSO I HAVE BEEN INVITED TO TWO WEDDINGS IN 2024, BOTH HAVE PUT ME DOWN FOR A +1 AND THEY BELIEVE IN ME, SO I SHOULD ALSO BELIEVE IN ME.

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