How I Love Men

As today is the last day of men’s health month, I decided to write one more article revolving around the topic. This article will be about how I love men and how I think that you might also want to love men. “But Baron that sounds a little weird.” OK slow your role. I’m not talking about loving men in the sense of intimate love/romance. What I’m telling you is about how I think most men like to be treated when it comes to showing affection – platonically or intimately. First off, have you heard of the five love languages?

So we got words of affirmation, gifts, quality time, touch, and acts of service. Personally, I don’t feel like I fall under any one of these in particular because I’m a cold hearted bitch, however when it comes to dishing it out, towards men in particular, I find that words of affirmation is the go to. Now you might ask me why this one and not others? Well let me tell you this, I find that most men just don’t compliment each other enough. I could have a nice fit on, I could do my hair, I could do a great job on something – but I find that most men, will almost never compliment other men.

I find that with women, they are typically more inclined to boost each other up. Just go on the Instagram profile of any woman – the moment she posts a selfie, you’ll see a flood of positive compliments. For men, not so much. Granted, it’s because less men are posting selfies or pictures of themself straight up but this is just one example. I don’t think that a lot of men are conditioned to understand how to give and receive compliments aka words of affirmation. So I make it almost a responsibility to let other men know that they look good or that they did a good job. I want more men to know that they are appreciated for being who they are (they have to deserve it too. We’re not just going to validate a dude for being mid).

Doing something like this can lift a person’s mood up for the day. A woman called me handsome at work once and I never forgot it, this is evident as I’ve mentioned it only a few times. This is also anecdotal but if you’re reading my blog, you didn’t come here for hard hitting journalism. I’m not saying that one compliment to one man is going to make or break him, but I will say that at the very least, they can maybe see themselves as something positive that they may have not seen themselves before.

According to Movember Canada, in 2019 – over 3,050 men died by suicide, nearly 59 men a week. Suicide is the second leading cause of death among Canadian males aged 15-44. Words of affirmation might not save a life but it could make a difference letting your brother, son, uncle, father, best bro – know that they’re valid.

As for me, I’ve been put on a pedestal due to my excellence my entire life, so words of affirmation and acts of service don’t work. If you want to know what love language works on me – I just like spending quality time with people. As a minimalist, please don’t buy me a gift. And for the love of God – don’t touch me, I don’t like to be touched.

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