Happy Holidays, I’m Going On A Break

I hope everybody is enjoying their foray into the holiday season. I generally like the holidays as it’s a time of getting together with loved ones and reconnection. It also allows for many folks to have some time off and forget the worries about life. For myself, I never celebrated Christmas going up and there is very little sentimentality during the break but it’s nice being able to get some time off work . . . so that I can help out my parent’s at the restaurant which will fucking suck but it is what it is. Anyways, I just wanted to write this article to let everyone know that I will be on break until after the new year. The nature of my office job makes it so that even though I will have time off during the holidays, the time leading up to the holidays, will be busier than usual. That paired with my parents needing my support at the restaurant during the holidays, makes it so that I’ll be going through it for real for the entire month of December – in fact, as I’m writing this on the December 5, I’m already feeling the heat. This is great.

Anyways, without the blog taking a dip in quality or me being too stressed through this month, I will focus on my irl responsibilities during December. This doesn’t mean that I’ve given up on the blog – just a hiatus. Although I won’t lie, I hate having to update the email list, which if you are subscribed to, you would have noticed that I don’t update that at all nowadays (I’ve been going through it, OK?). I’m really hoping that this time off from writing, helps me out because I’ve been feeling pretty burnt out as of late and would like to take a looooong breath. Just follow me on the ‘gram in order to see when I post, which is every Wednesday (@baronleung).

Enough about me, I hope that you have a great holiday! If you’ve got some interesting plans, let me know in the comments. Although I won’t write an article, I’ll gladly reply to your comments. All the best!


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