It’s easy to fall back into the trap
To stumble into a cycle that does not forgive
To for a moment not be conscience of repeating a mistake
But I try my best in remembering to forget
Of all the shared experiences and anxious lines
Of all the songs that were shared and walks up the mountain
Pretending like I did not mind the mud on my sneakers
The laughs and missed opportunities that I hated myself for
Opportunities that someone else took advantage of
Remembering reminds my ears to get hot
Remembering reminds me that it might not get better
That there will be no other more worthy
I forget about myself when remembering too much
I forget about my well being
Because these are no longer memories
They have become recurring cold sweats in the middle of the night
They have become run red lights
They have become bursted yolks on a sunny side up egg in the pan
And I really do enjoy a runny egg . . .
But these experiences are starting to cloud up
And the sensation of where you laid your head is fleeing
So perhaps this is a goodbye

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