Generic Thanksgiving Post

When I lived in a university residence I remember looking at all my female friends take pictures and selfies of themselves for every event. They would take pictures hanging out, they would take pictures when they were ready in the morning, and they loved taking pictures before a night out. I used to think that it was so dumb. Why were they always taking pictures? Couldn’t they just be decent millennials and “live in the moment” as bitter boring people say. But as I get older and as do my friends, I’m realizing that I should have taken more pictures. You see, as time moves on, so do your friends. You lose touch, not because you dislike them but because we are all on our own paths. I wish I could have taken more pictures and I wish that my male friends would be more open to taking more pictures. I can only live in the moment if I appreciate the past that got me there. So for this Thanksgiving, I am thankful for friends, for community, and for everything that lead you to to reading this post.
Thank you, thank you, thank you

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