Gatekeeping Asians and their food

I can say this because I’m an Asian person, Asian people suck. Straight up, I’ll say it. But why do they suck? It’s cuz Asian people all gatekeep restaurants. I’m sorry, someone has to say it. If you’re not Asian, go and ask an Asian person what their fave Asian restaurant is and instead of telling you that it’s amazing or fantastic, they’ll tell you that it’s not bad or pretty good. I won’t lie, I used to be like this too. And you know what, I know other Asians are aware that other Asians do this. I think that’s why we never say that restaurants are good, otherwise we become vulnerable to criticism of other people disliking their fave restaurants. If it’s one thing that Asians don’t like, it is being recognized as someone with no taste (I would never understand though, I have the best taste).

If you are not Asian and you go to an Asian restaurant with an Asian person, they’ll gatekeep your order too. They’ll tell you that a random restaurant that you’ll never go to is better than where you’re currently eating. BITCH YOU PICKED THIS SPOT. Let your white friends order spring rolls – spring rolls are good. Fried, crispy, salty, fatty foods are good – just order them. Cream cheese wontons are tight too. I used to be the cringe guy who would play 21 questions with the server to maybe impress my friends, that ain’t it. When I worked at my folks’ restaurant, I see these young Asians do the above to me when they’re around their non-Asian friends. No one is impressed. You’re not about to teach me about dim sum, I’m from Hong Kong, my parents own this restaurant, and I was raised in restaurants. Slow your roll.

Now when I go eat Asian food with my non-Asian friends, I let it all fly. Order all the fake grab you want hunnie, you want to get rice at the buffet – do your thing. A lot of people just want to eat what they want and not have to think about the cultural or historical impact of the dish. How about food is just food and we don’t have to get personal about it. How about you pay for the experience of eating and be less concerned about your past experience of eating. I promise you it’s all ending up in the same space. Does this mean that you’re not allowed to judge people internally about their tastes? Absolutely not, judge away – just don’t make them feel bad about what they like.

Am I oddly emotional about this? Yes. Am I clearly projecting my insecurities? Maybe. But if I can stop people from being assholes about food and talking about it like they’re fetishizing it, I’m happy.

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