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The Skinny

I would like to apologize to all of my 0 subscribers for the delay of my thoughts of episode 17. I, like most university students, am going through exams and have been spending a lot of time with my nose in the books. Just kidding, I actually don’t buy my textbooks. But I have been studying a lot due to most of my material being online. Does this have any correlation to The Flash and episode 17? No but regardless I imagine that all 0 of you subscribers would enjoy a little incite from your most beloved Flash blogger. Who am I kidding, at this point it’s like talking to a mirror [master, where is that guy? For being such a prominent Flash villain, he is sure taking his time. Yeah only comic book readers are following me now)].
I would like to say that episode 17 probably had the greatest opening sequence and in the totality of Flash episodes aired it could be up there as my favourite. Mark Hamill was fucking phenomenal. I think the Easter Eggs with the initial live action Flash series are so great. I have not watched the original Flash series but I love when producers can have fun with their work and respect the original source material (in terms of live action television productions of The Flash). I think the Harrison Wells story adds a lot of depth to the story that has not been there throughout the series. When I think Flash in contrast to the other Justice League heroes, I think of a more light hearted character but this show does a fantastic job with balancing the darker grittier scenes with the fun of The Flash. I also think that this episode is just so nerdy and I really appreciate that as a comic book fan.

Mark Hamill

How great is this? As a DC fan when I think about Mark Hamill I think of him as the voice of the Joker in many animated DC productions but he’s also been the Trickster for the first Flash television incarnation. To be honest, I could really do without that new Trickster, he was pretty shitty and looked poor in contrast to Hamill but regardless Hamill was fantastic. He stole the scene whenever he was in it and he portrays crazy so well. There was not a single ounce of predictability in his Trickster. And that ode to Star Wars…wow. Now that’s how you do an Easter egg. I love how nerdy this show is!

The Truth about Harrison Wells/Eobard Thawne

Dark, gritty, tragic, fantastic. How amazing is it that we as viewers all knew that Harrison Wells was the Reverse Flash but not ever find out how. Since episode 1, every Flash fan had their own theory of how Wells and the Reverse Flash are tied together, as well as the last name of Thawne given to Eddy. I think something that must be really appreciated is how Tom Cavanagh can portray Eobard Thawne, Eobard Thawne as Harrison Wells (innocent), Eobard Thawne (with an agenda), and Harrison Wells, Cavanagh essentially has played 4 different roles for The Flash, that is epic. He is easily the most talented actor in the cast. However, Cavanagh is not at all like the characters he portrays in the show. Watch an interview with him and the man is charismatic, charming, funny, just a really cool fun guy. His line delivery, his coldness, his calm demeanor in times of trouble, are all great assets of his acting arsenal.

The Nerdiness

I think 75 percent of the reason to why I love this episode so much is because it is just so nerdy. Something that the producers learned about creating these superhero shows is that you have to be nerdy. You cannot hide the nerdiness. The first season of Arrow was trying so hard not to be nerdy and it was good but starting with the second season they realized that they need to make a comic book hero actually a comic book hero. That is why season 1 of Flash is such a hit because there is so much passion. I imagine that the writers and those in charge of the story are comic book fans and know how to produce a quality product. When a creator puts their heart into their work fans can tell. The reason why the Green Lantern movie is not very popular is because there was a lack of heart. It just did not feel like the producers were creating the film with passion as fans of the series. In my opinion, that is the difference between a good production and a great production.
One more thing before I leave you. How fantastic is it that there is essentially an alternate timeline of the Flash. Like, the Flash in the opening sequence of that episode was Barry Allen but from another timeline. How fantastic is that. IT REMINDS ME OF FUTURE TRUNKS FROM DRAGON BALL Z. Thawne created an alternate timeline in which he sped up the creation of the particle accelerator and essentially created a whole new version of the Flash. Wow, sooo cool.

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