Flash Episode 16 Thoughts

I mean compared to last week, it was alright?

So last week we had arguably one of the greatest episodes of a live action superhero show ever. I mean, WOW. I was really blown away! Of course that meant that this week’s episode had to follow up, and how’d it do? Well it wasn’t a good episode in my opinion. Although I did enjoy that it introduced a new character, I felt that there was a lot of stuff on the side that just didn’t need to happen. Before I delve too deep into this post, just know that I tried REALLY hard to like this episode a lot and I understood that it was going to be really rough to follow up from last week but at the end of the day, it was just alright. Let’s start with the bad.

The Bad

I think the number one thing that was not needed was the whole Cisco fiasco. As fans, I feel that out of all the characters seen in the show, we have seen the most of Cisco’s growth. His character is a crowd pleaser with his witty remarks and class clown persona, however we have all seen his softer side with the Pied Piper episodes. I just feel like in that allotted time in which we had Cisco’s brother we could have had a better way to have Flash’s Rogue Gallery figure out that The Flash is actually Barry Allen.
Another thing I wish had happened was a better developed Heat Wave. I understand that Heat Wave is the hot headed one but can we see a little more character out of him. He is one of The Flash’s primary enemies and I feel like all we get is that he’s some lackey to Captain Cold. Although I do believe that Captain Cold probably is the better character of the two, I would still like to see Heat Wave show a little humanity; that he can be reasoned with. Right now he might as well be a brainless henchman. Which leads us to the first good point in this post.

The Good

Captain Cold gets better with every episode he’s in! I swear that man is just as interesting as Harrison Wells. Captain Cold has been known to be a moral villain, one that shows honour and discipline. I am so glad that we got to see that side of him in this episode. Even behind that cold image he gives off a vibe that makes him a villain that fans would want to root for. In the comic books, Captain Cold is the head of the Rogues Gallery and takes his job very seriously as they choose to kill when only necessary and if they do-no women and children. Wentworth Miller as Captain Cold is just a phenomenal casting. Him and Grant Gustin have great chemistry and their discussions together as Captain Cold and The Flash are really great.
The introduction to the sexy Golden Glider was great. I think in terms of members of The Rogues Gallery she is less prominent but the show was lacking in terms of strong female villains and it’s almost like a breath of fresh air, I’m glad that out of all The Rogues they could have introduced that she was the next one up. I’m interested to see how the relationship between Captain Cold and Gold Glider will be as in the comics Cold loves his sister deeply but that doesn’t seem to be the case in TV show.
That exchange between Wells and Ramon was special! Seeing it happen in the last episode VS how it happened in episode 16 was quite awesome. I mean, in the last episode it was incredibly well done, in this episode-same lines, same people, same setting, yet it still felt cold and in a different context. Well done Tom Cavanagh. The man is easily the most talented actor on screen.


Overall I’d say that it was a decent episode but I’m a little disappointed, I’m sure that the episodes will be getting better consistently as well. I would really like to see more development with the Reverse-Flash because he was such a huge part of the last episode that as a fan it leaves you wanting more. The story didn’t progress much after this episode which is sad but you know what? We got the Golden Glider so that’s not so bad.

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  1. I respect your opinion, but I actually liked it so much. The introduction of Golden Glider, cool! The development of Cold, excellent. I think there will be time to develop Heat Wave later on, I mean, it's better to develop a couple of things well than a lot half-way the road, right? And I think this episode did things not just right but excellent.Final thought: I loved Cold in here. It was very dedicated to him.

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