I think for most people, the idea of making friends can often be daunting. To present yourself as vulnerable to a stranger can be a hard task that requires gusto and self confidence. But in friendship that hello is nothing compared to the goodbye. As I wrap up this third year of undergrad I’ve had some great upperclassmen that I could not imagine university without. These are friends who I studied with, partied with, and who had introduced me to many first experiences. Saying goodbye to them as they start their lives is difficult for anyone but also emotionally draining. When you’re saying bye to someone, you’re not just saying bye to the person, but you’re saying bye to the culture that they helped to build around you. Once you met that person your life changed forever, for the better and maybe for the worse. When you say bye to somebody it’s as if you’re saying bye to a piece of yourself and that’s what makes farewells so hard. Human interaction is based on how much we see ourselves in each other, so finding something in common with someone else is rare. And whether that’s saying bye to an old friend, an old flame, or a family member, those farewells will always suck. But for me, I just have to remember that I’m taking a piece of them wherever I go. In my speech, in my habits, in my thought process. Maybe they’re not literally there but they will always be there. I am so beyond grateful for all those who have left my daily life because they are what shaped my being. I am grateful. So to those saying goodbye, hello, and everything in between, good luck with everything and I want you to know that I’m a better person having met you in my life.

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