Expectations and Disappointments

So as most students have it, the most busy time of my life is in the school year. It’s that eight month window of my life, where I am most productive and socially involved. Every summer of my life, I would consider the things I did not like about myself during that time of year, to see whether I can fix any of those things and improve on them, in the year to come. For example: in the summer after first year, I wanted to tone down being a fuccboi. In the recollection of experiences of the last Fall, Winter, and Spring, I really hated that I kept falling short of certain aspirations and goals and therefore becoming heartbroken or disappointed. Now obviously, problems like this happen all the time and I think it’s important to pick these things up and work to improve ASAP, however, I just seem to have had many letdowns this year, leaving me to be upset and glum a lot. But, it’s not all bad.

Whenever I count all the mishaps and mistakes on the year, I’m reminded of how I’m constantly looking for improvement and looking towards succeeding. And even though I haven’t really put down any goals on paper, I do have some that have developed in the back of my head that I plan on fulfilling. That is to say that, although I can often times be quite cynical and really hard on myself, I am also optimistic in good fortunes to come. This confidence is probably my best quality and it also helps with my belief that falling short of a goal only becomes a lesson in the grand scheme of life. How many lessons I want to learn in this manner, well not very much, but there’s always a little good from the bad. So in this final year of undergrad, I’m going to place some lofty goals for myself and I’m really looking forward to becoming a better person and you know that I’m going BALLS TO THE WALL.

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