Competitive Eating: The Sport You’re Afraid to Enjoy

I love competitive eating – as a fan. I don’t compete myself, but the idea of one person gorging themselves on a food item over and over again until the time runs out is amazing to me. Everyone eats, but not everyone can eat competitively.

I consider competitive eating a sport. But I have met people who have thought otherwise. But as I have said time and time again – if running your legs is a sport, so is running your mouth. And I get it – how can an overweight 350 lbs man be considered an athlete? Have you seen the NFL, or sumo wrestling, or strong man competitions? An athlete is not bound by his physical appearance, rather they are ever present by their work ethic, their competitiveness, preparation, and their love of the game. Oh and by the way, most ranked competitive eaters are not larger than the average person, you ignorant buffoon.

So what it’s not a traditional sport? That’s only because that the masses are too afraid to consider it one. They’re afraid because although it is a little gross to watch – they wish they could do it too. Have the work ethic to eat 50 hot dogs and be OK – that is truly the work of marvel. And to not only scarf down all the food but be paid for it? Get the heck outta town.

Check the Major League Eating rankings yourself. There are currently 14 women ranked currently in the top 50 in the world – the other 36 are men – that’s right, they compete onstage with men. What other sport has that? Not basketball, not soccer, not baseball. You want to talk about equity and representation? Competitive eating is the most progressive sport in the world.

If you have a mouth, you can compete. If you enjoy a spectacle you can be a fan. Open your mind.

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