Chasing Fun

So tonight, I went out with some friends. There was a moment where I was dancing with this girl and trying to get her attention. I was trying man, but she wasn’t receptive. Like she was kind of into it but not really, and because she wasn’t into it – I wasn’t either. And I remember seeing all my guy friends being silly and dancing across the room and thinking “huh that looks fun”, so without thinking twice I leave the girl alone and start messing around with my guy friends.

I think Baron of two years a go would have been sad about a girl not being receptive and would consider hanging out with friends on a night out as an L. However, I have learned that it’s just more important to chase the fun, whatever that fun may be. That fun can translate to dancing with someone you’re attracted to and it going well. In my case, it’s my guy friends trying to bump and grind on me “ironically”. Fun comes in all shapes and sizes, and once you realize what fun looks like for you and start investing in what’s truly best for you, you start seeing the world open up more.

And having fun, is quite possibly the best thing in the world, especially when with your friends.

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