Chainsaw Man Is The One To Watch

As many of my friends know, I have a tendency to love things a little too much, without realizing that we are all different people and that what I love might be different from what other people love. However, when I say that the Chainsaw Man anime will be the next torrential storm in anime that will wash away every other series, I mean it. I mean that if you’re not even a fan of anime but you want to dip your toes – Chainsaw Man will be the only series that you should feel inclined to watch this year. I say this being a manga reader – fully knowing how this series plays out. Chainsaw Man is that girl.

My friend Shirley and I often talk about master pieces and how we are always too busy and should only focus on stories of that caliber. Why waste time watching something you feel a 6/10 about. Chainsaw Man is exactly that masterpiece and Tatsuki Fujimoto is going to be the author of the next decade with Chainsaw Man being the vessel he uses to show the world his brilliance. But what makes a masterpiece? Well for anime it will have to have a great story and great characters – which the source material provides. It has to be produced from a proven team – such as MAPPA, who have produced the latest seasons of Shingeki no Kyojin, Jujutsu Kaisen, Banana Fish, and many others. But above all else it needs to be so good and different that it helps define the genre. Dragon Ball defined the genre, Cowboy Bebop defined the genre, and in recent years so has Shingeki no Kyojin. Chainsaw Man will be the next one to define the genre.

And I know that all of this may seem like just hype but realistically when was the last time I spoke or wrote about a new series so highly. I wrote like this for Slam Dunk, Berserk, and One Piece, but what I’m talking about is something new that will create the same kind of wave in the community. Just as anime fans loved SNK, Chainsaw Man will be the next series to take over. This series has blood, it has despair, it will make you laugh and bring you joy, and chances are you’ll even be sexually turned on. However, all this and it will make you feel off as it challenges your beliefs. You’ll find yourself rewinding or turning back pages to make sure you didn’t miss anything. This series moves fast and slow at the same time. When reading the manga I had a hard time grasping where the story was going but read on in interest. It’ll get your hopes up, dash them away, just to bring you up again.

If you watch any series this year, wait for the one coming in Fall produced by studio Mappa. The one that is currently the #1 most anticipated series this year according to MyAnimeList. The one with the blonde boy with the sharp teeth found in a dumpster. This is Chainsaw Man.

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