Slice of Life

Why Post So Much?

Today marks the 30th article in Blogtober, the penultimate article before we close out in the month of October. That means that I have poured thousands of words, a bevy of thoughts, and have made a butt ton of shitty graphics for this blog. That’s a lot of content for one man who doesn’t make …

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Right Of Way Is Wrong

I absolutely hate that in Canada and a lot of the world, that pedestrians have the right of way. I get that maybe I’m the controversial one with this hot take but I think that the argument for cars having the right of way should be way stronger than the argument in favour of pedestrians. …

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Famous Chinese People Suck

I’m a homer. I will and always root for Hong Kong, the city that made me. I’m loyal to the soil and that’s how I will always be. Slowly over the past decade, the city has been losing its identity. It’s no longer the international cultural hub that it once was. A lot of this …

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