Slice of Life

I Want a Girlfriend

I’ve always debated with myself whether I’ve wanted a significant other or not. I think that there are many experiences that can be shared with platonic relationships, that are not exclusive to just romantic partners. I stand by that statement. That being said, I never found having a girlfriend to be something I needed. No

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How to not hate the club

Introduction To preface this entry I’d just like to state that I am a (involuntary) single twenty year old male who is currently in his second year of university. I say this so you all understand the perspective I am writing from. Now this year has been one of great change for me as I

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Insufferable Insomnia

Introduction I am an average person. I have problems similar to everyone. I worry about being lonely all my life, I worry about failing in school, and I worry about what my future holds. I just want to clear up that this post is in no way me trying to be a unique little snowflake.

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