Slice of Life

When Talent Isn’t Enough

I’ve been very fortunate to be around talented people my entire life. Whether it be on the field, in the classroom, or in the office – I have always been around those who always seemed to have it better than me. And I think that when I was younger, I would often sulk. Why couldn’t …

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The Year Of The Short King

Gentlemen, our time has come. 2023 has arrived and I believe that it is our time to shine. We will put hundreds of years of body shaming behind us as we will now embark on a world stage of our revolution. Too long have women been the only group of people that could take advantage …

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How I Love Men

As today is the last day of men’s health month, I decided to write one more article revolving around the topic. This article will be about how I love men and how I think that you might also want to love men. “But Baron that sounds a little weird.” OK slow your role. I’m not …

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