Slice of Life

I have no friends

The title is clickbait but it’s also not so far removed from the truth. Obviously I have friends and I have written about them in this blog. I even live with my high school friend Johnny, who is a friend I met while I was in high school, while he was also in high school …

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All my friends are simps

And that’s a good thing. To be specific, I’m talking about my straight guys friends, they are all simps for their women. I once had a supervisor at my old job – Angela, who is very wise and she said that the best couples are ones where the man is a little more in love …

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I Moved to Toronto

For the past year and a half I had mentioned moving to Toronto and just never did. I am glad to say that if you are reading this, I am officially moved into the capital of our great province. I have left behind the dungeon of my mother’s basement and have decided to pursue a …

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