You’re the easiest yes I will ever give out You can make me jump through hoops without any doubt To only say that you’re brilliant would be such a waste As brilliant does not even touch you or your grace Rather you’re magnificent- entrancing- no maleficent- no wait! I just can’t find the word for […]

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The Girl who Owns the World

She’s the brightest presence in any room My attraction to her is like the Earth and the Moon As the tides pull closer, the storm surges on As my heart grows fonder of her phenomenon I’m put in a daze at her glimmer and warm rays Thinking of how together we could share better days

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I Just Wanted to Say

I will always remember you looking at me with those big honest eyes And how it almost became routine for me to always reply with a bold faced lie You always expected more but I couldn’t deny The fact that you are a better person than me, as I caused you to cry All the

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