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We lost Kirk Cousins

As a rabid Minnesota Vikings fan I am shocked and sad about our loss of quarterback Kirk Cousins for the probable future of this season. I am absolutely gutted as things were going so well until they weren’t. This season is ruined and I no longer have anything to look forward to. If I could

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WE BACK BABY. THE MOST STRESSFUL MONTH OF MY LIFE. OK so most people I know don’t give a crap about this blog but I don’t care. For the past 2 years, now 3 – in October, I write a blog article every day of the month. I am cheating by writing this placeholder article

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I love baseball anime

Summer Koshein is the national high school baseball tournament in Japan. For those who don’t know, Japan’s biggest sport is baseball. Baseball may be the first major sport in Japan that revolved around team play. This was unique to the country, relative to traditional and native sports such as kendo, archery, or sumo. The sport

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