Blogtober Sucked

This was the hardest month of my life – clearly an exaggeration but it was still tough. I never thought that writing creatively everyday would be so hard but holy moly. Y’all didn’t see the anxiety that I had throughout the month as I would just sit there by my computer thinking of what it is exactly I was trying to put onscreen. Even now as I’m writing this I really don’t know what to write. I guess I could write about my favourite article that I wrote, or one the I wish I could take back but in reality, I really don’t remember these past articles very well. It feels like a blur. However, what I can write about is what I learned this past month and how I would to this differently if I were to do this again (no way in Hell I’m doing this again by the way).
Something that became very apparent to me was that I don’t think that I enjoy writing as much as I thought I did. I think that when I have something on my mind and really think it through, study, and write and rewrite an article – that’s when the magic and fun happens. However, just writing as I have been – has been tough. There just wasn’t much motivation to do it and I felt like crap writing about topics that I wasn’t really enthusiastic about. I guess that you really just have to do what you love. I still think that I enjoy writing, but not enough where I can just pull prompts out of my ass and just write about anything. But this was an exercise in discipline, so at the end of the day I think that me gritting my teeth and getting through it, proves that this was mission accomplished.
I also think that it’s incredibly important to create a content calendar to make sure that you always have something to write about. I literally have worked in social media before and I currently work in media – this was probably something that I should have clued into but didn’t because general laziness and believing that I was resourceful enough to think of things to write about all the time. I could probably also read more in general or watch more stuff to inspire my imagination into writing more. Inspiration is super important as an artist (this is not me claiming to be an artist) and I can’t believe that I never clued in on that. Again, probably just laziness.
People did not read my shit at all. Like shit was weak in viewership this month – people did not care. It was like people cared more for when I was writing once a month. If I cared about views and if my livelihood was dependent on this blog – I would have been in trouble this month for sure. So I get it now – quality or quantity. Looks like that policy applies to writing blog articles as well. Also, if I write about things that I don’t really care about – how could I expect that others would care about those topics as well. Don’t worry guys, I will never write another article that I don’t feel invested in anymore.
And that concludes Blogtober. Did you have a favourite article? Was there something that I didn’t cover which you thought that I would or should have? Let me know in the comments section. I am always open to feedback. By the way, I will probably never do this again, as I am burnt out from writing. To be honest, I don’t even know when the next time I will write is – so enjoy my new expansive catalog. I actually wrote more articles this month than I have in any year ever since the creation of this blog back in 2014. Crazy…

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  1. I enjoyed your blogtober haha. For the same reason I like tiktok, all your posts are like a 'stream of consciousness'- like a little peek into your head. I get that you planned your posts to some degree, but articulating your thoughts every day is different from drafting, sitting on, and revising over a longer period of time. Favourite article was “Who do you point on for”. Till next time I decide to binge Baron content!

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