Blogtober 31st, It’s Finally Over

For all the haters out there. No need for anymore daily posts on my socials. Blogtober is finally over as it’s October 31st, 2022. For the first time in what feels like a long while, I can stop forcing myself to be creative. As many of my readers know, Blogtober is an exercise in trying to be creative everyday while also teaching myself discipline in the process of work. I don’t feel like it’s something that I need to do but it’s something that keeps me on top of the ball for work, life, and my mental health. Yet I do feel frantic during this month, I do believe that pressure makes diamonds and that it’s a drill that will make me more creative, more disciplined, and mentally tougher than I was in the past. If my life were a movie or an anime, essentially this month would be my training montage, a training montage dedicated to making me a higher functioning and producing member of society. I’ve been called a workoholic on back to back days by two different coworkers and I don’t like it. However, I would like to thank Blogtober and the swing of a little research, writing, and graphic design – in allowing for me to put up a front like I’m always busy, even after work hours.

I wanted to highlight some articles in this month that I really liked. The first article I wanted to highlight was the one regarding my physical appearance. I didn’t know if it was something that people would be interested in reading, but by far I feel like it was the one that people resonated with the most. Maybe it was concerned friends showing their empathy but a lot of it was friends relating and finding a common bond. That’s great because that’s a big reason why this blog exists. To hopefully stir up a conversation and to share experiences with others. When I wrote that article, I didn’t feel too much about it – but it was very heartwarming to see how many people related to it.

With 31 articles to write, sometimes you have to fill the space with things that you don’t really feel passionate about. However it did provide me with space to write about interests that I’ve never written about before. In particular, I really enjoyed writing about Baekhyun and his music. I also enjoyed writing about the Minnesota Vikings and my love/hate relationship with Kirk Cousins. A lot of my friends that I speak to almost daily know that the Vikings are a big part of my life. A lot of my happiness is dependent on the Vikings playing well. When they don’t play well, my heart breaks and my Sunday (the day where most NFL games are played) is ruined.

Speaking of passion, I also really loved writing about passion. I really enjoyed writing A Love Worth Dedicating My Life’s Work To. This has been something that I’ve been thinking about for a long time – years, really. But it’s not something that I’ve really had to think about too much until recently when I went to Portugal, met people from Europe and learned about how they felt about work. I do feel like work is quite consuming in North America. It spurred me onto thinking about what I can do to make work seem like a smaller part of my life, while having something I love take the attention away from what happens between 9am and 5pm on my weekdays. It is an intense article but I still feel like it is something that is worth mentioning.

But finally my favourite article to write this entire month was Food is the Greatest Thing in the World. When I finished writing it, I felt very satisfied that I was able to convey everything that I had wanted about food and its integral role in my life. I was also able to share some great photos of me and my friends sharing some fun memories. Memories that I will never forget, especially now that they’re on the internet. I love my friends and I love when I can share a meal with them. I can’t believe it took me so long to write an article about that. I really should have written about it a lot earlier – like YEARS earlier.

If I were to redo this month, I think that I would try more to write about pop culture and media. I feel like this month was very heavy on the slice of life, whereas last year, it felt like I wrote about a lot of manga and anime. Maybe it’s because I wasn’t as busy with work as I had just started working at a new place and now I’m low key swamped, therefore I’m not watching or reading as much as I have in the past. I also went through a little rough patch near the middle of this month. It was unexpected and not something that I could have prepared for and it took me a little more than a week to get over it but alas, I got over it. Well I’m like 99% over it, I think there’s always going to be a little concern 😅. I find that when I’m going through it – I have a hard time writing. It’s always been like that though which is why I vow to stay positive as much as I can 😮‍💨! If there’s anything that you can take from my blog is that I will always try my best to stay positive.

Thanks for reading this month guys! I know that there are actually very few of you who read everyday but it’s still nice being able to post every now and then and see someone jive with what I wrote. See you when I’m out of writing hibernation and I hope to hear from you soon!

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