WE BACK BABY. THE MOST STRESSFUL MONTH OF MY LIFE. OK so most people I know don’t give a crap about this blog but I don’t care. For the past 2 years, now 3 – in October, I write a blog article every day of the month. I am cheating by writing this placeholder article for day 1, but please there will have to be 30 more articles this month, so let me breathe. For those who are new, Blogtober is an exercise that I do in order to practice my discipline, creativity, and hard work. I feel like it’s a good test to keep me sharp. Not only for the purpose of writing for my blog but also as a way to stay fit socially, professionally, and for my own mental health. To be fair, my mental health may take a hit because of all the stress of trying to put something out everyday, but I digress.

For those new followers who are joining for the first time this year, please consider coming back to my IG everyday for blog updates or signing up for my newsletter which I will try and update everyday for this blog. The other day, I had a high schooler tell me that the blog is a dead medium and she was right but I don’t care. I like this medium, I’m used to it and I want to bring blogs back. Let’s bring back literacy. I won’t lie I feel like out of all the years that I’ve done this – this year will be the toughest as I don’t really have a backlog of thoughts that I want to share. The quality of these articles might dip and if they do, I want to say sorry in advance but that is not the intention.

So please, if you have anything that you want me to write about, please let me know. Just be aware that I am not binging an entire television show to write about as these articles have such a quick turnaround time. And again, for you new followers who know of Baron socially or professionally but not personally, y’all are about to learn so much about me. I can be a bit particular, I can be a bit emo, and I’m not always who I present myself to be. But one thing I don’t do is lie about who I am, so I think that this might be a fun exercise for everybody.

Welcome to Blogtober 2023, let’s have a good time reading. Watch me suffer and laugh at my pain. Xoxo

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