Today the first episode of Bleach is out. The legendary shounen manga that started in 2001, with its anime adaptation starting in 2004 – returns for its final arc. Bleach was the first manga that I ever read that had that sauce, that secret something that had flair, style, and it was such a vibe. I’m not even talking about the story – I’m talking about its aesthetic. The artist Tite Kubo is known for his amazing character designs dressing up his characters in the coolest clothes, making them all stand out in particular with his two page spreads, special coloured pages, and art books. The anime itself doubled down on this with some of the best openings and endings in the medium. The soundtrack is incredible on its own and was just so fucking rocky and funky and groovy. Say what you want about the latter half of the series and its story but this next arc looks like it’s going to be animated epically. The story in the last arc is pretty bad but the fights are going to be insane.

The animation present in the trailers, plus the editing, plus the use of the song Number One. I am full mast. The voice acting was just so superb in the trailer and man . . . I don’t think I’ve ever had adrenaline rush through me like that by just watching a trailer. I was at work watching that trailer and I was ready to leave my desk and just start punching holes in the wall. I hardly enjoyed reading through the last arc but I just slogged through it for the finalization of a series that I had been reading for a decade. But even as a jaded anime fan, I am looking forward to watching this finale. The plot is a mess but I just want to watch Ichigo go bankai and yell GETSUGA TENSHOU. Ahhhhh I’m so excited for thiiiiiiis.

We’re talking about a legendary work of manga/anime that will final reach its final form. Without a doubt in my mind, without Bleach, the love for shounen anime and manga would not be the craze it is today. In terms of the anime, this will be the apex of Bleach and I’m hoping that this arc will be able to unite old school anime fans with new school anime fans. I don’t have to watch My Hero Academia’s story of self actualization, I don’t need to see Demon Slayer‘s descent into madness, or even Spy Family‘s nuance take on political espionage and work/life balance. In this world of complications and challenges – I just want to see two ghostly super powered samurai duke it out for the balance of the universe.

Also Bleach has some of the hottest characters in all of anime. Bonk me if you want but Byakuya, Rangiku, Chad, Nanao – that’s some mommy and daddy material right there. Yes I’m a pervert, we been known this.

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