Big Hero 6, My New Fave Disney Movie

So it’s been awhile since I’ve last posted a review on my blog, I know all 0 of you followers really did miss me. To be honest, I have been busy with university and all so please cut me some slack. However through all my strenuous studies I did have time to watch Big Hero 6. Big Hero 6 is not the typical kind of medium I review. I usually touch on anime, maybe manga but 6 is…well it’s an animation¬†but more importantly it’s fantastic! So fantastic that I had to write about it in my blog at 1:21 in the morning. ’cause y’see, I finished this movie and I had to gush. As a self entitled critic I always try to emotionally invest myself in a film, even one I might dislike. I always try very hard to enjoy the film but what makes this film so special? I’m not going to lie, I did cry…multiple times. The movie is fan-freaking-tastic! It’s everything a grown ass man can want from a film that was directed for a younger audience. Now I’m going to try my best with not spoiling anything but it will probably happen-LET’S DIG IN!



I think it’s obvious that in most superhero stories, revenge is not recommended. It’s almost a cardinal sin to snoop as low as the villain and give the villain their just desserts. So when Hiro wanted to capture the man in the Kabuki mask, I was curious to how they were going to turn this around and make him get over the notion of revenge. All superheroes know, revenge is never a good motive and since 6 has an affiliation with Marvel, there’s no way that they would have allowed avenging the death of Tadashi. But when I saw Hiro call for Baymax to destroy the doctor, I was a little knocked off course. That is an example of hitting rock bottom (something all heroes need in order to realize that there’s only up from here). That’s what happened to Hiro, but Hiro is lucky because he has Baymax to rely on. Baymax is that really great friend that you have in real life that grieves with you, when you’re sad. A good friend will not allow you to fall down the wrong path, as Baymax saved Hiro from making further decisions about destroying Dr. Callahan.

Handling Grief:

I feel that a lot of people handle grief in their own ways. As a university student, I handle mine by watching movies when I should be studying, others might binge eat (or drink), some might exercise, and others perhaps enjoy their own unique hobbies. But sometimes you just feel awful and you end up not giving a shit anymore. I’ve been there before as well, but sometimes you need an outside source who you can relate to, to pull you out of your misery. The concept of Baymax in terms of a plot device and character is great because in one perspective, Baymax is a machine who does not feel emotion. However, Baymax learns through Hiro as Hiro creates his own chips for Baymax. So in a way, a robot is demonstrating character development while staying true as almost a plot device for Hiro’s use in order to get over the death of his brother. Baymax ends up being a hobby for Hiro to takes his mind off Tadashi, while still keeping Tadashi in his heart.

The Love Between Brothers

I have a younger brother, I wish he adored me as much as Hiro adored Tadashi. I wish my brother wasn’t such a little shit disturber and could show me some positive feelings. The brotherly love between Tadashi and Hiro is something that I felt was so organic and the chemistry between these two brothers was great. I mean within like 30 minutes or however long Tadashi had screen time, you felt the love of these siblings, it was terrific. There were moments throughout the film that you can tell that Baymax and Tadashi were almost interconnected. The way that Baymax so organically did this without saying anything about being a brother or knowing anything about what it means to be a brother is a great job by the efforts of the writing staff, director, and Scott Adsit. *sigh* Why can’t my brother just love me…yeah that’s pretty much it.

The conclusion where I state why I love this movie so much:

This movie has something that I see in other anime series I adore like Naruto or One Piece. That one key element that makes me laugh, cry, and motivated. It has a great message, with content creators who truly believe in them. When content creators love their work, it shows in the result. This is the type of film where you can tell how much fun they were probably having behind the scenes. This is what a labour of love looks like. This is a film that is targeted towards a younger crowd, that hits home with adults. If an adult who has gone through their own rough patch were to emotionally sink their teeth into this film, and I mean to really emotionally invest yourself in this film, there is no way that that adult cannot enjoy this film. Forget about the structure of a great film or what makes a film practical. I’m talking about enjoying a film. As a self entitled film critic I often find myself thinking too much while watching a film, I think so much that I end up forgetting about enjoying it. This movie is something that I genuinely enjoyed. Although I am a grown ass man, I felt like a child again when I was watching it, I remembered what it felt like to be young like Hiro and have so many aspirations. I remember when I was in high school and had a tight knit friend group. This movie moved me as it truly is a great film and I would recommend it to anyone who wishes to feel happy.

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