Thoughtful Bear

sHorT kInG

I stand at a tall 5’6. I say this because I feel like a lot of people always assume I’m a lot taller when I tell them that I am the height that I am. That’s why I don’t think that I’m a basic ass 5’6. Yes can you read the cope. It also helps

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My Speed Dating Experience

OK gather around children, I’ve got another update for you in the Thougthful Bear love saga – the journey where we don’t really achieve anything. We learn, laugh, and languish in the feeling of me justifying my main character syndrome through believing that I’m so special that there’s no one out there for me –

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Akira Toriyama

I guess it’s no surprise regarding what I would write about today. Of course, I’m writing about Akira Toriyama as he has recently passed. Now there really isn’t anything that I can say that hasn’t already been said before. It was a very impactful series. Often times we like to throw the term masterpiece around

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The Saltburn Review

I watched Saltburn the other day. It’s currently nominated for every award and is famous for having the dynamic trio of Jacob Elordi, Barry Keoghan, and Barry Keoghan’s penis (good for him). I enjoyed it, I think it’s a good film but maybe a little overhyped. It reminds me of Parasite – one of my

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