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The Barber Did Me Dirty

For the past two years, along with becoming the scion of physical fitness and having a tight tight bod, I have also become an incredibly handsome man. But by the standards of society, what makes a physically attractive man? Being in good shape, having a nice sense of style, walking with good posture – yeah …

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Playlist: July 2022

Looking for a recommendation? Something new to watch, read, or listen to? Well don’t worry I got you covered. Believe it or not, this blog used to be about things that I would watch/read and enjoyed. This blog used to cover media and pop culture but recently it’s taken a backseat due to me working …

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Your Dog Is Ugly

I was walking around a trendy part of a popular city the other day when I noticed young adults walking their dogs all around me. To preface this article, I would like to state that I personally am not an animal person. To be perfectly frank, the happiest I am with animals are when they …

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