About the Author

My name is Baron and I am the owner of this blog. I have been (in)consistently writing Thoughtful Bear since 2014 when the blog was created. I write about things that I love and am passionate about. Mostly anime, manga, television, film, and general things that I have learned from living my coming up on 25+ years of life.

My educational background is in communciatinos, theatre and film, and public relations – and I currently work in marketing which has convinced me that I’m deserving to have the opinions that I have towards art. I grew up in Ontario, Canada but was born and lived in Hong Kong before emmigreating when I was 3 years old. Again, another way I consider myself to be built different.

If you find the blog interesting at all, please continue reading, maybe even leave a comment, or sign up for the newsletter below. Any feedback is much appreciated!



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