Allergic To Not Not Going On Vacation

It’s summer time, which means good weather, going to weddings, and drinks on the patio. It also means that we’re in vacation mode. So many of my fondest memories have revolved around hanging out with family or friends while the sun beamed down on us. To be frank, summer doesn’t seem to hit as hard nowadays as an adult as we have to work 9-5’s and not enjoy having time off. Instead for those of us who are lucky enough to get vacation days, we have to ration them in order to take a trip somewhere that we settle for because we can’t get enough days at the destination that we want to be at. Thankfully for me, my new workplace gives us an additional day on long weekends, which gives me the opportunity to optimize my vacay days, although in reality it’s actually not that much time when you compare it to what Europeans get.

If you’ve been reading my blog for awhile, you would know that I love going on vacation. For a guy who doesn’t make that much money or have that many vacation days – I sure do take enough trips. But I just started at this new place and I shouldn’t be asking for vacation already, right . . . right? Well maybe I could look a little, see what flight costs are like, maybe around Christmas time – oh would you look at that, round trip flights to Hong Kong around that time are like $4000 – guess I won’t be seeing family anytime soon. But what’s this? Round trip flight to southern and central Europe are still under $2000? Guess I’ll just go party until 6 am again because if you compare it to the HK trip, it’s actually the financial responsible thing to do.

I have a problem, I like working, I like getting stuff done too, but it’s so hard to exist in one spot, when there is so much out there in the world that looks like it could be tons of fun. And yes, I know that I’m a basic b. But it’s so hard for me to imagine living this fantastical, romantical life – when I know that there are sunsets on a hill that I haven’t seen before, smoking pits at clubs with people from new places in the world, and a local delicacy that I haven’t tried yet. Am I running away from something? Is that something reality? The reality that my life will never be like how I want it to be like in an anime. Am I running away from my real life responsibilities? Yeah maybe that too, but I’m on pace to pay off my student loan eventually so I’m not trying to think too hard about it.

I am really just concerned with making myself happy, as hedonistic as that sounds, without having it affect other people negatively. I can’t sit here, when there are drinks to be drank, foods to be eaten, and attractive foreign women that I haven’t failed at speaking with yet. Nothing about me screams main character but I’m going to give a main character’s effort into having fun and enjoying myself. YOU CAN’T PUT A LIMITER ON THIS APPETITIE FOR ADVENTURE. OK I have to calm down, it’s 12:29 on a worknight. I literally have to go to work tomorrow morning and I’m thinking about a vacation that probably isn’t going to happen.

And listen, it’s not like I’m addicted to gambling, drugs, or alcohol. Wanting to escape the mundane nature of everyday life is a good thing, OK?

Also, I just realized that I’ve already written this article before. That is how addicted I am to going on trips.

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