All my friends are simps

And that’s a good thing. To be specific, I’m talking about my straight guys friends, they are all simps for their women. I once had a supervisor at my old job – Angela, who is very wise and she said that the best couples are ones where the man is a little more in love with the woman than the other way around. And since she said that, I’ve just been noticing that on a surface level, most of my guy friends fall in line with that statement. I would say the ratio is probably better at 55:45, my friend Jasmine said that it should skew closer to 60:40. Realistically, some of you women might need to be served by a dude to be happy, and sometimes dudes might like that. Overall, it’s the sentiment that healthy relationships typically have dudes who are more willing than to give than women – is it fair, I don’t know but I anecdotally agree.

Personally, it’s good to know that your friends are doing the right thing in trying to make their relationships work. Selfishly, it does nothing but benefit me that a lot of my friends are good people. I also want to remind these simp friends of mine of who you were crying about your girl problems to before you got in a relationship, but I digress. Yes, I’m jaded and a bit insecure. I’m also fully aware that if I were in a loving relationship, you would never see me and this blog may have never taken off in the first place. I would be so whipped. Guys, I almost took a flight for a woman that wasn’t even my girlfriend – I’m probably worse. If anything I am the biggest simp in waiting.

I think the realization of this article came to me: when four of my immediate guy friends, all within the past half year, came to me and told me that they don’t feel like their girlfriends give as much to the relationship as they do and that they feel that it’s unfair that they have to shoulder the burden of the relationship. By the fourth time I heard this, I had to excuse myself because I was laughing at this wicked case of deja vu I was having. Of course, I only know what I see in public but the fact that all these dudes came to me to say this, I just thought “damn my guy friends are simps.” And I know I would be one too.

To be honest, there is no angle to this article. I’ve stated the positive and the negatives of this theory. I myself actually agree with this theory, and if you’re a girlfriend who feels guilty – what are you going to do? Try to make him love you less? Try to love him more? Don’t be silly – if you wanted to love him more, you’d have already done it by now you selfish human being – again, I kid. I am sure that your man, if he loves you more than you love him, will always do everything that they can do to make you happy. Just be receptive, listen to them when they have concerns about the relationship, and try to view yourself as objectively as possible. Not all men are the same, but all men who are in relationships like a woman who gives a crap and is willing to listen. Men are so simple, all you have to do is stay quiet when they’re complaining or telling a story and they will love you. I know it works on me.

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