A Piece of Cake

It was a Saturday night in a friend’s backyard
Where I noticed a girl who had up her guard
This yard was dark it was dimly lit but I saw her essence from across the pit
Of weeds and bottles and clouds of smoke, there she was
The model of grace with a face that stunned my senses into mush
And I made a fuss to all my friends as they didn’t understand
That someone magical before them stands, not a gimmick – no slight of hand
So I gathered my courage I puffed up my chest
Thinking that if I missed this chance all my life I would regret
Every step closer felt heavier than the last, as I wipe the sweat from my brow to look less crass
Then I started to remember of what my mother would say
“Baron, she might be pretty but she’s no different – it’s OK.
Go talk to her, tell her how you feel – make her day.”
But what my mom didn’t know was that it was my day that was to be made
Finally the moment of truth comes out, I walk up to her and introduce myself
She introduces herself back and conversation begins
She tells me where she’s from, her schooling, her hobbies
I try to make jokes, they’re working, not really
The ones that miss feel like punches to the face
The ones that hit make my heart thump like bass
She giggles, I laugh out of nervousness, that’s just how I act
I ask her for coffee, she says she likes that
I say it’s a date, she said “that sounds great”
We exchange numbers, and I walk away
Friends ask how it went, I say “a piece of cake”

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