A Different Person Everyday

On my way home, I cross a bridge with a quote from Greek philosopher Heraclitus “The river I step in is not the river I stand in.” The quote is suggesting that once one steps into a river, the water is constantly moving, therefore the river has changed from the river you initially stepped in. In this instance, the river would be you, and the water would also be you but in a more metaphysical sense . . . I think, I don’t know I’m not very smart. The gist of the quote is that you are you, but at the same time you are everchanging.

This is something that I think about quite a fair bit, ever seen I was in high school. I would just be in bed thinking about how dumb I was in the 10th grade, while being in the 11th grade – then repeating this almost once a week for the rest of my life. When I was in high school, I belonged in the cult of my high school football team. I remembered that I was ready to die on that field for my team. Now as an adult, I just laugh. From something I would have died for, now just a funny anecdote to provide for the blog. I feel like this is a big reason why I can always stay cool under pressure. Whatever is my problem now, won’t be my problem forever (unless you have some chronic illness, I apologize). Baron in October is so much smarter than Baron in September. Not just smarter but more handsome, way funnier, and probably smells nicer too. Perspective is wild isn’t it.

As we are everchanging in experiences, we have to remember that perspective and scope will always change. That girl who left me on read last week, is no longer someone that I’m pressed about, rather she is a funny conversation with a friend. It’s the little bumps and nicks in life that makes things exciting. And as that water in the river carries branches, fish, and washes away debris – that river changes as you have as well. I guess now that I’ve moved from a very comfortable situation, I’m just always thinking about what change is going to happen next. What’s the next thing that I’m going to stay up all night thinking about, or the next trend that I’ll fall out of love with, the next person I’ll change my opinion about. What if I wake up one morning and don’t enjoy espresso anymore. For my wallet’s sake, I hope this river runs dry.

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