2023: A year in review

It was good. There you go, you can leave now. No but seriously, 2023 was a really good year for me and I am happy with myself and what I’ve done. This past year, I felt like I actually accomplished most of my goals that I wanted for myself at the end of 2022. For instance, I wanted to get a promotion at work, I wanted to travel more, move out of my parents’ place, say yes to more things, and not have my hairline recede anymore than it has. And maybe you’re reading this and your life is miserable and that’s unfortunate and you have my sympathy but don’t worry, I won’t give you any motivational BS that will make you feel like I’m patronizing you as I have been in your shoes before as well.

I definitely feel that this year had some really low valleys. I started this year by quitting my job, where I loved a lot of my coworkers but hated a lot of the other things about it. I was sad for a bit, what with being an unemployed bum living at his parents’ place – but I digress. I felt lost and without purpose without a job, before I made a TikTok which eventually got me a job. I also got to go back to my old high school and coach high school rugby, travel to Europe with some of the brodies and even got to go to Texas (yeehaw) – which was great. I attended some weddings, reconnected with a lot of old friends, and found myself. So yes, definitely had some valleys but the highs were really freaking high.

And I know that I talk about work a lot but it makes up a huge part of my life and like 90% of my socializing – which is a lot considering how extroverted I can be. I can happily say that all things considered, I like my job, I like my coworkers, and I feel optimistic about my professional future which was something that I didn’t even consider in my position before my current one. I feel strangely confident about myself professionally – which is odd considering that at work, I feel like a frat bro just doing my best to make things work. Things are looking good and I’m excited for what’s to come.

But if I were to really think about what I learned about myself this past year, it was that I just like being around people, especially people that I like. Profound right? Obviously living for the approval of others isn’t the best way to live your life but I like living through other people. I like making people laugh, I like making people feel happy, I like making people feel secure in themselves. I like doing these things because it makes me feel good. I’ve mentioned this many times in this blog, that I just love community. Whether it was my time at A.B. Lucas Secondary School or being a rugby player through my teen and young adult life, community has always been at the forefront of my happiness. I feel like I can really do that at my work, in my new living situation, and with my friends. I feel like everyone that I cherish in life, makes me feel like I’m a more fulfilled person.

I understand that it’s cheesy and that there are other important things in life that involve looking after yourself – but I’m Baron freaking Leung and whatever happens, I know that I got me. That is the bare minimum. What makes me fulfilled and happy is to share my fulfillment with other people. I believe that when we part ways with someone, it’s not the things that they do for us that we necessarily remember, rather it’s the feeling that they give you that you remember. I want to make you feel happy, I want to make you feel secure, and I want to make you feel like you matter. I know how I feel when someone notices me when I’m not noticing my own efforts and I want to do that for other people. You’re welcome.

Yeah who knows, maybe 2024 is going to be shite. Maybe I’ll die or something – I don’t know. But for now, I’m happy. As Tyler the Creator would say, I’m going to enjoy right now, today. 2023 has provided me with a great springboard into my 2024 goals. Goals that I will not share on this blog because once I do, I’m going to have to live up to them, which I am not that confident in at the moment. But maybe I’ll share those soon. Maybe we’ll even meet the future Mrs. Baron Leung (she doesn’t have to take my name, I’m a feminist. Also my last name is kinda difficult for non-Cantonese people to write out, so I would understand. This would be assuming that I would marry a woman that wouldn’t speak Cantonese. I’m not a racist, I’d marry a woman from any cultural background. This is a long side note). Anyways, shout out to my narcissistic ass for thinking that my life and thoughts are worthy of your attention. Thank you.

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